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In an effort to support the School City of Hammond's endeavor to drive teacher innovation, the Hammond Education Foundation provides support for creative projects that provide extraordinary learning experiences in every curricular area, while continuing to support our students and they endeavor to pursue their undergraduate degree with financial support during their first year of college.


The Hammond Education Foundation complements School City of Hammond educators by furthering learning that is engaging and exciting, while encouraging critical thinking and the desire for continued learning.


Acorn Grants

Every fall, HEF invests ~$30,000 in innovative, teacher designed grants throughout the School City of Hammond. To date, we have invested over $1 million in 1000s of grants! 

Acorn/Seedling Grants will be funded for amounts between $250 and $1,000 for Acorn (individual) grants and up to $3,000 for Seedling (collaborative) grants.


A screening committee will review all grant applications and the final decision on grant awards will be the sole the judgment of the Hammond Education Foundation Board of Directors.


Blueprint Program

Building a path to college and fostering a culture of success. Blueprint provides qualified students the tools they need to successfully prepare for college. Our partners, families, teachers, coaches, and community leaders are well-equipped to advise students on their academic journey. Because the ratio of students per guidance counselor is continually increasing, Blueprint equips teachers with resources to help students determine which college is the best fit for them.

College Campus

College Persistency

In order to mitigate the risk of students dropping out of college, the College Persistency Program tracks, mentors, and engages students during their time at university. Our network of ambassadors, families, alumni and educators work diligently to ensure the success of each Blueprint student.

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Natural Helper

Natural Helpers is a nationally recognized program where students help their friends. The Hammond Education Foundation Natural Helper fund was established to support the costs associated with the training of high school students as Natural Helpers. Natural Helpers are trained to be expert listeners who attempt to help their friends figure out their own issues by talking them through. During the 2022-2023 school year, 150 students will take part in the training.


The Hammond Education Foundation scholarship fund was established to assist graduating seniors from the School City of Hammond with some of the costs associated with the first year of post-secondary education.

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